Phuket Go Website, the Club Med ex-Go's living in Thailand
Go Phuket Website, the Club Med ex-Go's living in Thailand 

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Phuket Island is located in southern Thailand, in the South West part of the Andaman Sea. This World Famous Tourism Destination is the largest island in the country and has suffered from the terrible tsunami which occured in December 2004. There is no need here to describe the events as everyone saw more than enough of the disaster. But what you may want to see, is how much work has been done since then, and how nice is the island today. Visit our Photo Gallery with more than 4000 photos taken day after day around Phuket Island and its fascinating beaches.

Many years ago, Club Med installed a very beautiful Village in Kata Beach, in harmony with the wonderful landscape. Club Med attracted many GO's from every part of the world, and the magic atmosphere of Phuket decided a large number of them and start a new "Post Club Med" life.

Many of them started their own business, and two ex-stage designers, now working in Graphic Design and internet, decided to create this site to give them the opportunity to be known or to find old friends.

Check our Listing page if you want to find a friend or join in if you wish be listed!

Anyway, enjoy Phuket.